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Ein Prat

We are a network of Batei Midrash grounded in learning, community building and activism. We serve thousands of Israeli young adults from across the religious spectrum. Together we are forging a new Israeli mainstream that champions vibrant engagement with Judaism, individualism together with dedication to community, and Zionism coupled with respect for the dignity of every human being. 

בית פרת - מדרשה ישראלית

Elul Program

A powerful, forty-day immersion in Jewish learning serving 200 university-aged Israeli young adults each year 
בית פרת מדרשה ישראלית

Mabua Program

A four-month deep dive into Jewish learning that expands participants' knowledge, enhances their identity and strengthens their connection to Israel and the Jewish people worldwide

Alumni Community

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בית פרת אלון

ישוב אלון , ד.נ מזרח בנימין 9061800 ​


בית פרת ירושלים

אבן גבירול 10, רחביה, ירושלים.


בית פרת תל אביב

שכונת שפירא, תל אביב


בית מדרש ישראלי (ע״ר)

Elul Program

Each summer 200 Israeli young adults from across the religious spectrum take part in the Elul program. Israel’s largest pluralistic young adult learning framework, the Elul program takes place on different campuses around Israel and consists of 40 days of intensive Jewish learning.

Alumni report that the program enriched their knowledge and identity as Jewish Israelis, strengthened their appreciation for Judaism and Jewish diversity, and enhanced their connection to Jewish values, among other outcomes.

The Elul program has been featured in articles in the Forward, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, and Times of Israel for its uniqueness and success.

mabua program

A fourteen-week program for ambitious Israeli young adults in their twenties, who choose to dedicate themselves to an intensive period of learning after completing their military or national service.
The program brings together Israelis from a broad range of religious and political outlooks for shared living, learning and creating of a new Jewish Israeli paradigm. 
The intensity of the framework facilitates meaningful learning that deepens knowledge, broadens perspectives, and enhances identity. 

קהילת המדרשה

קהילת הבוגרים והבוגרות מורכבת מסך הקשרים הנוצרים בין אנשים וקבוצות של בוגרי מדרשה וחבריהם על רקע נוף המדרשה. קשרים אלו בוראים יוזמות נוספות של בוגרות ובוגרים המעצימים את קהילת המדרשה וממילא את החברה הישראלית בה אנו חיים ועימה אנו שואפים להיטיב בבתי המדרש ובפעילות הקהילתית שלנו.