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Alumni Giving Circle

The Alumni Giving Circle is a philanthropic fund for social change initiatives. Sourced and directed by members of the alumni network, it is one of the many ways in which alumni are contributing to social change in Israel. For every 1 NIS that an alumnus donates to the fund, the organization matches it with 1 USD, thereby multiplying the impact of each donation. Alumni who contribute a minimum annual sum to the fund get to vote on the social change initiatives to which the fund's moneys are directed. Votes take place several times a year and moneys are allocated to the initiatives with the missions and projects that receive the most votes.

Ten Days of Gratitude

A key initiative of the alumni network, Ten Days of Gratitude is an annual campaign with national reach and impact. The campaign honors the ten days linking Yom Hashoah with Yom Ha'atzmaut through programs, events and installations all across the country that invite reflection on Israeli independence and expressions of gratitude for the sovereignty of the Jewish State.